May 23, 2012

Being in Kyoto without leaving NYC.
Ten course Kaiseki dinner, 
懐石 at Kyo Ya

 Zatsuki- first course
peter corn croquette

Sakizuke- second course
Alaskan king crab salad

Oshinogi- third course
celery miso yaki onigiri

Owan- fourth course
chawamushi in Junsai water shield clear soup

Zensai- fifth course
simmered baby octopus, potato & pumpkin
house made sesame tofu in dashi broth
rice grain fermented grilled mackerel
salted Anago rolled with filo dough
spring carrot uma-ni with potato puree

Botan shrimp sashimi

Otsukuri- sixth course
chef's selection, shashimi of the day
 Yakimono- seventh course
Washu Tajima beef hot stone grill

shrimp mousse stuffed grilled bamboo shoot
broccoli rabe tomo-ae & fiddle head goma-ae

Nimono- eighth course
poached sweet snapper with cherry blossom leaf 
in spring onion soy milk sauce

Tomezakana- ninth course
white vegetables and shira-uo with ume katsuo

Oshokuji- tenth course
rice cooked with green peas and Taisho ebi
nameko akadashi and pickles

house made strawberry ice cream

black bean yo-kan and fava beans shio-ni
green tea

leftovers to go

Thank you, S.